About Us

your producer, webmaster, art director

Welcome to our labor of love. We are a group of musicians, producers and artists that get involved (off and on) in occasional projects, the idea:

. . . is to bring good music back. We publish music that has meaning, educates, and represents what is supposed to be, the best in music.

Because we are a semi-commercial group, we also promote music and artists in our area and within particular categories – so we get to listen to a lot of music. We’ve started this site to show the world a few of our favorite artists from the genres: Jazz, HipHop, Soul, and those artists that refuse to be categorized. Yes, we’re old skool (and more centered on American/British artists). We recognize that this selection misses the full diversity of these genres.

Were there a gold standard for music and culture, these artists would meet or surpass it. They (and many others) are responsible for the foundations of the best music and expression, across styles and genres, that we hear now. These works are submitted, with minimal introduction, to the public domain as fair use due, to their educational/historical value as well as cultural heritage values. We are grateful to the artists for allowing use of their music on YouTube, because YouTube and SoundCloud are the two sources that we are using for our content. Please, support musical artists.

From hip hop to jazz, we strive to bring to you music and video from ‘back in the day.’

Please look around the site. We might add music, videos, and promotions (as time and finances permit), in the  future.








Sincerely, charles, and the rest of us at Donuts and Tunes. Music We Like