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This entire website, blog, as well as all the websites from the CCWW menu, were written, developed, designed, and produced by charles consult. © 2009 - 2014. All rights reserved.


I'm looking for entrepreneurs.  If you have a good idea for a business, or you are on an investor, this website is for you!  When you sign in, you will find original business plans for businesses, from entrepreneurs that I am associated with.  We seek new businesses as well as capital. Either sign-in, or contact charles consult for more information.


Computing in this context means the bundle of skills necessary to develop, design, and deliver modern 2.0 - 3.0 websites and the ability to manipulate modern databases and datasets.

The computing concept from charles consult has for the past 15 years has been cross-platform in nature - that is, the programs and methods used are appropriate for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux based systems.

Computing also means turning ideas into visual representations.  Different situations call for different methods of peering into the structure of a thing.  These examples of diagramming come mostly from the fields of engineering and computing.


Disaster plan: hospital communications.

The four parts of the emergency management cycle are: mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery.  The creation of a disaster plan is an important part of preparation.  Ham radio operators (amateur radio operators, of which I am one) are used all over the world, to maintain emergency communications in times of crisis - often being stationed in hospitals.



A website organization.

This is the website organization of a Dutch interim-management company.  Due to the complex nature of this business and the fact that we spoke different languages, diagrams became an important way of sure communication.  That said, cultural differences can make a critical difference in the degree of success in a project.



A martial arts "family tree" diagram.

This is a diagram of the many "stylistic" connections ("style" as an interpretation of a "way of doing, knowing, and being", as transmitted by a teacher or school) within about a 100 year period, that martial arts can flow through, in order to become manifest in one person. It is similar to a family tree, but with multiple parent lines.


"Old skool" tools (pencil, paper, slide rule).

Sometimes you have to compute using old fashioned methods (like, when there isn't a computer - or even electricity available). Most of my web designs begin with pencil and paper. Business models I can create with a napkin sketch, and calculations can be done with the simplest of calculators, spreadsheets (or even a slide rule).  If a plan is viable, you probably don't need fancy equipment to tell you.


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