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This entire website, blog, as well as all the websites from the CCWW menu, were written, developed, designed, and produced by charles consult. © 2009 - 2014. All rights reserved.


Welcome to the charles consult portal website.  Here is a collection of links and information for your internet, website, media content, and learning needs.  Please take some time and visit the websites made by myself, or look at the resources available to help you succeed in your efforts on the internet, using web media and new web concepts.

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I often use photography to create an image. Within this image contains an identity. It is this identity that gives drive to purpose and objectives (goal setting). Therefore, the process begins with image.

Image includes art direction, housestyling, branding, photography and graphics. Any business or organization must be distinguishable from all of the other organizations within the context of a confusing and competitive marketplace. Properly designed images provide the tools to create a distinctive presence as well as providing support for product, advertising and editorial efforts. We leverage proper scope to create a diversity of solutions.

In many cases, like the karate tournament or many of the fashion assignments, I was also responsible for producing the event itself. The main constraint was that higher production values drove the costs up. Most of these events are examples of high quality, low cost enterprises, made with the accumulated goodwill of the people involved. The study of martial arts was highly influential on my management process. Google "Kaizen" for more on this "eastern" process.


karate tournament poster

Major martial arts tournament organization, poster, website, and printed program.

Using photos I have from our previous championship (at the Alliant Energy Center), I created a montage of the different aspects of the tournament - all shot with an early generation digital camera. Tournament photography requires a knowledge of the fighting technique as well as knowledge of the camera lag - so getting the shot exactly when the board is breaking (for example) is not easy - and there are no retakes. Closer examination of the image on the lower right side shows a clean strike to the head - you can even see the helmet being knocked off of the head of the competitor in white. Thus my timing had to be a "camera lag ahead" of nationally rated fighters - this is a synthesis of fighting technique and camera at the same time.

I was also the ring coordinator. This meant organizing all of the pre-tournament activities of a nationally ranked tournament with the promoter. On tournament day, it means coordination of fighters, judges/referees, timers, scorekeepers, and results, for up to twelve simultaneous rings. It also meant being the center referee for the senior-most fighters (with some very dangerous alpha males) - because tempers can flare.


Mira Mero: flyer (2 sided, full color, digital), website, The Female Cycle.

I did the art direction, layout, and selection of artwork (in the same house-style as the website) for flyers for a philosophical and deeply practical series of workshops on the Female Cycle. This meant that after the artwork was finished, I had to coordinate with the printer to get the best results. I also consulted in the product creation phase of the workshop development. The flyers were printed in Dutch and English.


Jane Goodall ad

Newsprint media: Non-profit ad.

A part of the Jane Goodall Foundation is the non-profit Roots & Shoots. This organization is aimed at children, and has the goal of teaching them respect for people, animals, and nature. This image is one of several ad formats from a newsprint advertisement from an northern Netherlands regional newspaper.


cyberpunk poster

Phils Phads Phashions NYC - posters, flyers, labels, catwalk photos, website.

A camera, a van, and a laptop were the essentials of guerrilla fashion. The rest of these productions required: hair stylists, makeup, lighting, several changes of clothes, assessories, models, and a location. If I wanted to make pictures, I had to produce the event. The fashion designer supplied the network, I supplied the art directionorganization, and realization (including the Photoshop editing and printing - because they had to work as black and white photocopy prints, and on colored paper as well). These were a series of fun events and the posters were successful in creating a distinct identity as well as a cultural center for people to interact.


QR business cards

QR business cards.

QR means "Quick Response" and is a standardized communication code for: internet, mobile systems, marketing, security, games, etc. The bold nature of the code as a graphical element is made more playful with the addition of color.


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