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I'm looking for entrepreneurs.  If you have a good idea for a business, or you are on an investor, this website is for you!  When you sign in, you will find original business plans for businesses, from entrepreneurs that I am associated with.  We seek new businesses as well as capital. Either sign-in, or contact charles consult for more information.

The News

Beginning in 2011 - ISO 9001: Quality Management System

charles consult has begun - but not yet certified, instituting a ISO 9001 quality management process and has instituted a quality documentation system within it's core business model.  ISO 9001 is an international quality standard by the International Organization for Standardization.


career background

Most of "our" management experience represents decades in the technical disciplines of: information technology, manufacturing, capital budget, and internet. Our management approach is use leverage economies of scope with information and knowledge,  to coordinateenable, and or optimize performance. Early management positions since the 1980's, provided a wealth of experience by the application of new ideas and paradigms, and using them within a business strategy. The scope of my experience is further enhanced by my education, with a degree in electrical engineering and a juris doctors in law.

I have managed retail and service stores, manufactured PCs for IBM in Mexico, created information networks for pilots, optimized gigantic steel mills (I can even drive a forklift), operated machinery in a biologic laboratory, gave instruction in martial arts at a top school (while establishing a competitive dynasty),  taught web design at technical colleges, served as a judicial clerkcriminal defense, and intellectual property lawyer, processed patents for a Fortune 100 company, coordinated with international clients over the web, and successfully helped negotiate very large scale budgets.  I'm not afraid of big numbers, but I'm not to big for small clients.

When you sign in to this website, the management menu changes to provide more specific information about how we can provide managmentment services in areas such as: project managment, event management, venture capital, startups, intellectual property security and development, etc.

Sign-in has its benefits. You get access to news feeds from some of the leading websites in the relevant subject matters of our services and products.  This allows you to answer questions in your own time and refines your ideas for our possible business.

Please create an account or if you already have one, please log-in for more information (or use the Contact page).


relational marketing

Working with clients is like building relationships. With most clients, my task is usually to identify and implement design and business concepts using new media, internet, web applications, social networks, and so forth.

The phases here along the relationship path have two rows.  The top row is the customer's viewpoint, and the bottom row is the seller's viewpoint. Note the relationship markers along the bottom.

Because I am often working on the meta or pre-concept level as well, I am also involved in company formation, venture capital acquisition, incubation techniques and other ways to keep the concept viable. Finally, I am active in strategies for the management of intellectual property, including information security.

All of these things suggest a strong relationship with the client - a relationship where the aim is to understand and respond to the needs of the client in a timely and effective manner.


charles consult - designing value

Related to value engineering (with its roots in business process re-engineering), designing value is about intelligently using available resources to create branded and viable digital services/products, as well as creating new businesses, projects, and organizations.  The goal of charles consult is to design value by making client services tangable via: branding, logos, websites, animations, web applications, print media, music, video, applications, games, and other forms of content, that function as a channel of commerce between groups or individuals.

Almost all means of modern commerce require some form of digitally identified or branded service or product, that makes tangible the services of both the parties to the sale. In addition to branding on the innovation frontier, this way of digital branding allows for the possibility to develop and market traditional services and products in a web adapted manner.

We create the necessary online identity elements, assemble e-commerce means (websites with shopping carts, etc.), co-create services, as well as produce actual digital products (such as applications, content, networks, etc.). Importantly, we can also increase the value of your organization by raising the quality, and productivity of its process or workflow.


how can an organization adapt and survive without the capacity to learn?

Training can give a group the capacity to understand the use of web related media and methods, and opens up a new path for organizations to learn and adapt. This is one of the objectives of charles consult.  By learning, a group or individual can adapt to changes in the competitive environment.  By changing the internal process of learning and creativity, adaption can occur continuously. This creates new adapted features, benefits, and methods - such as:

Innovation: new product/service opportunity ideation and evaluation, brainstorming of new product/service ideas, and consensus evaluation can, provide a context well-suited to innovative thinking, learning, and the efficient generation of new product and service offerings tied to your adapting internal criteria and competences.

Knowledge support - with intellectual property functions such as: technology licensing for outsourcing, copyrights, trademark registrationtrade secret procedures, creation of digital branding assets, and so forth. Given the need to maximize the value of your operational costs, it often makes sense to license needed technologies and/or to outsource part of your activities.

Working arrangements are flexible. I can transition into existing projects, begin new projects, create new businesses (business formation), investigate establishment of new services, profit centers, and production networks, etc.

Because - you can't make money on what you don't understand.

Account Management CMS (content managment system) Manager

Intranet Creation and Management Project Management Art Direction

Training Consulting Editing Research Development Optimization

Product Design • Sales and Aquisition Strategic Direction

Programming: Flash/Actionscript (offshore) - Python


in other words . . .

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