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This entire website, blog, as well as all the websites from the CCWW menu, were written, developed, designed, and produced by charles consult. © 2009 - 2014. All rights reserved.


Welcome to the charles consult portal website.  Here is a collection of links and information for your internet, website, media content, and learning needs.  Please take some time and visit the websites made by myself, or look at the resources available to help you succeed in your efforts on the internet, using web media and new web concepts.

Check for us on Twitter: @charles_consult.


If you're new to websites and web publishing, you'll find that charles consult delivers sophisticated solutions to your online needs. We can deliver a robust enterprise-level Web site, empowered by endless extensibility for your internet needs. Moreover, we can often determine the system of choice for small business, non-profit, or other organizations that want a professional looking site that's simple to use. See the links on the menu CCWW websites on the upper left side of the home page.

Web Content
Flash, video, graphic design, photography, diagramming, visualization, and as well as text writing, editing, are all parts of providing web content. We can deliver web content along all of these areas for your website needs.

Testimonials from Twitter:

@charles_consult That works. Yes  is a cool site design, very clear right vibe for the company.

great sites @

u will be glad i recommended him to you.


many thanks indeed for that info - good to have real info from someone I trust, rather than usual autobots! :-)


Below is a partial sample of recent websites.

Martial arts seminar website, MT Power Summit.

This was a American branded website for the niche market of martial arts instructors. The website brought successful instructors and consultants in from the industry and gave a series of seminars, demonstrations and insider meetings. This website featured video from a private Youtube channel posted as content. It also had a playback of a tele-seminar recorded in mp3 as a media resource. An e-commerce site, an attendee could register and pay, from the website to receive pre-registration rates and unique content.


Philosophy website, Mira Mero.

So, how exactly to you make a website for a philosopher? This website required product and service creation in order to make tangible what a philosopher does. Currently being redesigned to add social media to the website, the website is now, tightly geared to the immediate needs of expression, synthesis, and soon, discussion and dialog.


Team Cinnamon website, Cinnamon-Online.

Take four university students with a lot of talent, and add a city cafe/bar, arts, expo, poetry, culture, music and knowledge, you get Cinnamon-Online. Within its first four months, it grew a viewership in 17 countries and all over Holland.


Drupal website for Great Market Trading.

There are many open source (and commercial) technologies for making websites that charles consult has experience in including: Plone, WordPress, Drupal, Django, static html, as well as DreamWeaver, and regular hand coding. "Hand coding" html, PHP, CSS, etc. is necessary because most technologies are currently insufficient for all possible creative needs, browser incompatibilities, etc.


The Europaweg Observer website.

This is an example of a news aggregation website. It receives rss feeds from news sources all over the world. This one provides news in Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, French and English.


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    I was asked by Sonj.N.Stan.Niaah (@cultureDoctor) from Twitter to document my tweets. My tweets run from personal observations, to memories, to politics. I submit them, misspelled words and all (I hate my autocorrect). I never learned to moonwalk (I thought it was corny) It just occurred to me that my father was moonwalking back in […]
  • presenting good goals at HvA
    Visit to HvA “We intend on planting one trillion trees. We must be among the first people in history who want to do a trillion of anything.” – charles Ferdinand Swart and myself from Good Goal Group, visited the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) on Friday, September 27, 2013 for the Minors in Sustainable Leadership and […]
  • sustainability of self
    We need to Sustain Our Selves in order to make change happen. When you are aware of the world around you and you (want to) change things, that causes friction. In this friction you have to be able to sustain your self. Keep your self breathing, living and working without wearing yourself out, and don’t […]

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