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I'm looking for entrepreneurs.  If you have a good idea for a business, or you are on an investor, this website is for you!  When you sign in, you will find original business plans for businesses, from entrepreneurs that I am associated with.  We seek new businesses as well as capital. Either sign-in, or contact charles consult for more information.

digital media/services consultant

This is a portal website of a hybrid web designer and web developer.  That means I'm as comfortable with design, and art direction, as I am in programming and analytics. To avoid bombast, and because of its form as a business entity, most of the information written here shall use the third person or "royal" we.

Due to the principle of economies of scope, most of the services of charles consult revolve around the dialog necessary to create a new product or service. The rapidly changing nature or technology in its many forms requires a somewhat disciplined approach in making sense of it. This means interacting with my client and asking the right questions and making the right suggestions so that the project is relevant, brandable, viable, and obtainable. This consultation requires two things. It requires enough experience in the subject matter, and it requires current research on the subject matter (because technology does not stand still).

Sample: Plone intranet interface for GMT website.

On the other hand, it also means seeing the project as a whole.  This is an organic approach that requires a depth of education and breadth of experience not usually found in an overly specialized world. This means it also must satisfy certain questions: What does it look like? or What do you envision (and how do you communicate it)? There is often an idea of function, but is there a form to that function? How does that form and function fit in the intended community?

These are good questions to start with in the endeavor to create a viable business in cyberspace because most of this is accomplished using digital media. The process is to continually work to increase the existencequality, and relevance of your business. This is where charles consult can help.

ccww websites (on twitter)

Check the links on the menu on the upper left side of the home page.  Those are links to websites made by our label CCWW.   Current information about web design and web development, can be found via Twitter, Direct Message "DM" or tweet @charles_consult. #letsmakeanimpact.

We retweet items in our timeline that are of topical interest, as well as original tweets pertaining to information about, or knowledge of, areas that we have experience in.

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charles consult makes things tangibly happen in exchange for capital

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  • marketing

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    web analytics

    Want to make an impact?

    charles consult offers services for developing your website and business strategy (because you shouldn't do one without the other). Web analytics services include: collecting the data, visualization, and analysis - including technical and creative tactics for business. A comparison of the analytics to your initial strategy will allow you see what is happening, and help guide you to the best use of your money, time, and efforts.

    Infographic snapshot: Stack of countries, each with growing visits, for one small website, initial 4 months.

    This "proof of life" of one of our websites, shows how visitors can appear out of nowhere and spread within one nation in under four months.   Simultaneously, this pattern repeats itself (in varying degrees) in about twenty other countries, creating a fast growing international market and audience. Thus, a proper website is worth investing in (especially if you are new, or small), but it requires using a particular experience and knowledge, in order to receive a great return on the internet, website, and consulting investment.


    We usually begin with a strategy session and give advice on how to be better at "knowing what you are doing", in terms of your business’ current use of technology, people, media, networks, and processes. This analysis can also identify areas where you or your organization can improve performance.  Web analytics can identify missed income opportunities and paths to increase market share, income, and profitability. Contact charles consult, or sign-in for more information. Make an impact!


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